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Rabobank’s global beverage team offers insights, analysis, and a bit of entertainment for your morning commute. Liquid Assets will help you tackle the latest trends, introduce you to industry leaders, and prepare you for what’s next in the beverage world.

Apr 13, 2022

Constellation Brands’ Vice President of E-commerce, Wayne Duan, and Adam Springer, Constellation's Director of E-commerce Category Advisory, help the Liquid Assets team breakdown the US online alcohol business. In the first of two episodes featuring the digital team from Constellation Brands, we tackle big picture questions like:

  • How much has the pandemic changed the e-commerce landscape for US alcohol brands?
  • How should alcohol companies approach their e-commerce investment?
  • What does the average online alcohol shopper look like?
  • In a world of tied-house laws, how can brands improve the online shopping experience?

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