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Jul 24, 2019

Jackson Family Wines has achieved a 33% drop in greenhouse gas emissions and a 60% reduction in the water required to produce a bottle of wine over the last decade. In February, the company, together with Familia Torres, announced a new working group, International Wineries for Climate Action, with a mission to decarbonize the wine industry. On this episode, Katie Jackson and Julien Gevreau from Jackson Family Wines share their bold vision for a more sustainable wine industry and the progress they’ve made in their own operations to reduce emissions and increase efficiency – all while becoming more profitable in the process.


This episode was recorded on location at JFW headquarters in Santa Rosa, California, and is hosted by Rabobank’s global beverages strategist, Stephen Rannekleiv and also features Rabobank’s Andre Baladi.


This episode replaces an episode titled ‘JFW – Preview’ which was accidentally published on July 23.