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Rabobank’s global beverage team offers insights, analysis, and a bit of entertainment for your morning commute. Liquid Assets will help you tackle the latest trends, introduce you to industry leaders, and prepare you for what’s next in the beverage world.

Jun 14, 2018

Rabobank’s resident beer guru Francois Sonneville and the rest of the team sit down to discuss the future of beer and how breweries can deliver for stakeholders and consumers in the face of stagnating volumes.

This episode features: Stephen Rannekleiv, Global Strategist for Beverages; Francois Sonneville, Senior...

Jun 5, 2018

By 2022, grocery retailers stand to lose USD 3.9bn in annual alcohol revenues if online sales continue to lag behind as the rest of grocery goes digital. In this bonus episode of Liquid Assets, the team dissects the future of beverage alcohol sales in supermarkets as consumers move their grocery spending online.